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Finally on Twitter

Overheard in an IRC chat room (Freenode#oracle) this morning… [24 May 11 09:30] * cheboygan: glad to see that someone read the ¬†blog post though.¬† at least i know one person read it. [24 May 11 09:30] * rizzo: it got re-tweeted a lot last week [24 May 11 09:30] * rizzo: get yourself on … Continue reading

RAC Attack – Oracle Cluster Database at Home

First of all, the RAC Attack deep dive at Collaborate went great – thanks to everyone who participated! The room was full (20 participants) and I got evaluations from about half of them. Here’s a summary of the eval results: 100% class met expectations, would recommend to others 66% easy to follow, could use skills … Continue reading


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