This is a collection of various guides, articles, papers, and presentations related to Oracle which I have written.

Most of these are old. They contain a mix of useful information and outdated information. Please pay attention to the dates they were published!

Ansible [pdf]
September 2016
Slides from my Oak Table World 2016 talk about Ansible.
RAC Attack: Cluster Database Hands-on Learning Lab [pdf]
April 2008 – May 2011
11g RAC on VMware hands-on lab: first delivered at Collaborate ’08, expanded and re-delivered many times since then. Build a 2-node VMware RAC cluster from scratch with OEL5 and either ASM or OCFS2. Suitable for beginners or advanced users; every keystroke and click is documented and there are suggestions for further investigation.

To run this lab we recommend at least a 2Ghz dual core processor, 3GB memory and 50G free disk space. Many laptops today have sufficient resources. You will need to download VMware Server, OEL5, and Oracle Database/Clusterware yourself.

Note: I referred to Tim Hall’s exellent articles about installing 11g RAC on VMware and installing Oracle Linux quite a bit while putting this together (in addition to manuals and metalink and such). He certainly deserves the bulk of the credit for being the first to post such great step-by-step guides.

Oracle Services on RAC [pdf] [odp]
April 2008 – April 2011
Subtitle: how services work and what you should use them for… or… Five Things You Might Not Know.
Premier League Peek: Wide Scale ASM Adoptions and Lessons Learned [pdf]
November 2010
First delivered at UKOUG ’10.  Abstract: Large companies have steeper requirements for integration, testing, training and migration – hence more conservative timelines. Teams who manage thousands of databases in facilities worldwide face unique challenges when adopting Oracle ASM. We will discuss experiences of large-scale adoptions from multiple perspectives including architecture, engineering, operations and support.
Hierarchical Management of the Dynamic Allocation of Resources in a Multi-Node System [pdf] [odp]
April 2009
This is a summary of a very interesting patent that Oracle filed in 2005, with an architecture for large grid environments. There are a remarkable number of similarities to services and RAC in 11g and maybe this reveals a little Oracle’s strategy for the future. It definitely shows the importance of services!!
Brief Oracle Corporate Profile [ppt] [pdf]
March 2008
Short presentation that gives a broad overview of Oracle Corporation. Probably nothing new for most people who are visiting this site but I thought I’d post it anyway since there’s some interesting general information in there.
10g Tuning Highlights [ppt] [pdf]
August 2007
This is from a short presentation about performance tuning in 10g. The slides are a bit sparse but a few are useful so I thought I’d post the whole thing.
11g Tech Briefing: Performance (Part 1/2) [ppt] [pdf]
August 2007
This is a presentation about new performance features in 11g. It only covers the first half of the material; I’ll be putting together a second presentation soon.
Unleashing Oracle Services: A Comprehensive Review of “Services” in Oracle Databases [pdf]
June 2007
This is an in-depth research paper summarizing several months of research about Oracle Services.

Abstract: Performance management and high availability have become base requirements for today’s enterprise relational database management systems. In Oracle databases users create “services” to meet these challenges and those services touch almost every aspect of database configuration. This paper presents a broad yet thorough exploration and explanation of every aspect of services for both single instance and cluster (RAC) databases.

Installing RAC on AIX [pdf]
Feb 2007
Seems like quite a few people have had difficulty installing RAC on AIX. This is a cookbook-style step-by-step guide for installing 10g RAC on AIX — updated for release 2. It’s configured with Oracle Clusterware and ASM (no HACMP or GPFS) and covers a non-default listener port and a non-default SSH installation. It also illustrates a fully OFA-compliant installation using response files. This guide was published on the RAC SIG website – if the link at left doesn’t work then you can try a local copy.
orasga [pdf]
Oct 2006
I thought that it would be an interesting exercise to programmatically map out the SGA tables exposed through x$kqfta and x$kqfco. This short SQL*Plus script will generate a C program which can directly read any x$ table in the SGA. It is not complete (in particular I haven’t added code to handle all datatypes yet); there are still a few more enhancements I’d like to make. Look at the last page of the document for example output from the program.

This program is not really that useful in the grand scheme of things because you can’t really statically map out the SGA. For example many tables will change their structure depending on initialization parameters (like “processes” and “sessions”). It’s more of an exercise and a chance to learn a little more about what the SGA looks like.

ocfsbugfix [txt]
Mar 2004
Bug fix for OCFS version 1 which was included in 1.0.12 – for more info see this general overview or this detailed email from the OCFS mailing list. If the link at the left doesn’t work then you can try a local copy.



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