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RAC Listener Best Practices

The listener is a small part of an Oracle RAC configuration – and maybe that’s why it is so often overlooked and setup with only the defaults. More often than not, the listener gets setup automatically by DBCA during the ASM or database configuration. However this is not a good practice at all; at best … Continue reading

udev for Security Conscious RAC Sysadmins

I’ve recently installed Oracle RAC on both RedHat 4 and Suse Enterprise 9. The most recent installation reminded me of an issue which has come up more than once: persistance of raw device permissions. If you remember installing Oracle on SLES8, RHEL2 and RHEL3, then you remember that you would just chmod the /dev files … Continue reading

Centralized TAF Configuration in 10g, Part 1

In Oracle 10g there are two very different ways to configure TAF: with TNSNAMES (since 8.0, automatic generation new in 10g) and with DBMS_SERVICES (entirely new in 10g). They are very different approaches and it appears that the new DBMS_SERVICES method will be preferred moving forward since it has been given precedence and overrides whatever … Continue reading


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