I Am

Artistic, resourceful, experienced, thorough.

ENFJ (Myers-Briggs).

I Value

Excellence in Details
Contribution to the Field
Bridging Cultures and Diversity
Assisting Low-Resource Communities

I Know

Building and running reliable data platforms that scale and perform.

Data Processing, Platform Automation, Cloud Computing, Software Engineering, System Architecture, Project Management.

I Worked

Arizona, California, Connecticut, D.C., Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington (United States). Ontario (Canada). England (United Kingdom). Dublin (Ireland). Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu (India). Tahoua (Niger).

Automotive, Biotech, Education, Energy, Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Media, Non-Profit, Public.

Software since mid-90s, data platforms since early 2000s.


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contact: 312-725-9249 or schneider @ ardentperf.com




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