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Oracle Links (Not Maintained)


http://www.freelists.org /webpage/oracle-l The Oracle-L Mailing List
http://groups.google.com /group/comp.databases.oracle.server/ comp.databases.oracle.server on usenet
http://www.oaktable.net/ Oak Table Network
http://www.jlcomp.demon.co.uk/ Jonathan Lewis’ tips and consultancy.
http://www.juliandyke.com/ Julian Dyke
http://method-r.com/ Method R
http://www.hotsos.com/ Hotsos
http://www.ixora.com.au/ Steve Adams
http://www.puschitz.com/ Werner Puschitz
http://www.evdbt.com/ Evergreen Database Technologies – lots of papers by Tim Gorman and Jeff Maresh
http://www.tanelpoder.com/ Tanel Poder
http://integrid.info/ Small consulting org of Tanel Poder
http://www.smartchaps.com/ Another site by Tanel Poder; wiki-based, doesn’t seem to be much content yet.
http://asktom.oracle.com/ The Ask Tom website.
http://www.oracledba.co.uk/ Connor McDonald’s site
http://www.oraperf.com/ Maintained by Anjo Kolk
http://www.pythian.com/ Pythian Consulting
http://www.dizwell.com/ Dizwell Informatics – Howard Rogers’ site; includes a knowledge base, forums and a wiki
http://www.petefinnigan.com/ Pete Finnigan – lots of great Oracle security information; includes a forum.
http://www.oracle-base.com/ Tim Hall’s oracle resources
http://www.miracleas.dk/ Miracle A/S Consulting; headquartered from Mogens Nørgaard’s old garage.
http://www.orafaq.com/ The Oracle FAQ; also includes a forum, archives of the Oracle-L mailing list and newsgroups, and many other resources.
http://www.centrexcc.com/ Centrex Consulting Corporation – Wolfgang Breitling’s company.
http://www.brendangregg.com/ Homepage of Brendan Gregg – very smart solaris guy. Download very good DTrace toolkit here.
http://www.dbaexpert.com/ Charles Kim’s site.
http://www.optimaldba.com/ Daniel Fink’s site.
http://www.gplivna.eu/ Gints Plivna’s site – great paper on long-running ops.


http://www.matttopper.com/ Matt Topper – another fellow ITC dude, seems to be doing a lot of java stuff these days
http://www.dannorris.com/ Dan Norris – chair of RAC SIG, DB server guy for COUG, chair of the dev DBA SIG for ODTUG.
http://padraigs.blogspot.com/ Padraig O’Sullivan – fellow ITC dude, experience with core dba and unix os stuff
http://orajourn.blogspot.com/ Charles Schultz
http://blogs.oracle.com/AlejandroVargas/ Alejandro Vargas – lots of great RAC and ASM tips
http://tonguc.wordpress.com/ Tonguc Yilmez
http://seilerwerks.wordpress.com/ Don Seiler (old site was http://ora.seiler.us/)
http://laurentschneider.com/ Laurent Schneider (sweet last name)
http://jonathanlewis.wordpress.com/ Jonathan Lewis
http://kevinclosson.wordpress.com/ Kevin Closson
http://oramossoracle.blogspot.com/ Jeff Moss
http://tkyte.blogspot.com/ Tom Kyte – for more technical content see the AskTom website
http://blogs.sun.com/glennf/ Glenn Fawcett – doesn’t seem to be a lot of recent activity but he does seem like a rather smart chap.
http://blog.oracloid.com/ Alex Gorbachev’s old blog.
http://www.pythian.com/blogs/author/alex Alex Gorbachev’s new blog.
http://oracledoug.com/ Doug Burns
http://dbasrus.blogspot.com/ Nuno Souto
http://oraclesponge.wordpress.com/ David Aldridge
http://el-caro.blogspot.com/ Farlie Rego
http://wedonotuse.blogspot.com/ Mogens Nørgaard
http://www.dizwell.com/prod/blog Howard Rogers
http://www.rittmanmead.com/ Mark Rittman – he has a lot of great BI stuff.
http://www.petefinnigan.com/weblog/entries/ Pete Finnigan
http://pjsrandom.wordpress.com/ Peter Scott
http://www.oracle-base.com/blog/ Tim Hall
http://storagemojo.com/ Robin Harris – storage related stuff
http://igor-db.blogspot.com/ Gary Myers
http://www.oraclemusings.com/ Dominic Delmolino
http://christianbilien.wordpress.com/ Christian Bilien – excellent RAC material
http://optimaldba.blogspot.com/ Daniel Fink
http://sysdba.wordpress.com/ Lutz Harmann
http://blog.tanelpoder.com/ Tanel Poder
http://www.uaex.edu/srea/ Steve Rea – Oracle and Banner
http://halisway.blogspot.com/ Hampus Linden – has some great scripts
http://kleinoracledenkraam.wordpress.com/ Erik Buddelmeijer
http://oraexplorer.com/ Ittichai Chammavanijakul – fellow seminary-educated Chicago-area DBA :)


http://orana.info/ OraNA – Oracle News Aggregator


http://www.oracle.com/technology/ Technet
http://forums.oracle.com/ Forums
https://metalink.oracle.com/ Metalink
http://tahiti.oracle.com/ Tahiti (db docs)
http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/pricing/price-lists Price Lists
Support Note 161818.1 RDBMS Releases Support Status
Support Note 1227443.1 PSU Known Issues

Free Utilities and Scripts

SQL Developer Free graphical tool for database development similar to TOAD. Browse database objects, run SQL statements and SQL scripts, edit and debug PL/SQL statements. Run any number of provided reports, as well as create and save your own.
TOra GPL graphical tool for database development. Windows binaries no longer distributed because they require commercial QT libraries but linux downloads are available. Not sure how actively this is being maintained these days although there was a sudden update on 9/18/07.
OraSRP Oracle Session Resource Profiler. Processes Extended SQL Trace (a.k.a. 10046 event) files, similar to Hotsos profiler.
Swingbench Free load generator (and benchmarks) designed to stress test an Oracle database (9i or 10g). Designed especially for RAC.
Hammerora Open source load generation tool for Oracle Database 8i,9i and 10g and HTML environments.
ORION Oracle I/O Numbers Calibration Tool designed to simulate Oracle I/O workloads.
IOzone Filesystem benchmark tool that generates and measures a variety of file operations (read, write, re-read, re-write, read backwards, read strided, fread, fwrite, random read, pread ,mmap, aio_read, aio_write). Ported to many machines and runs under many operating systems; useful for performing a broad filesystem analysis of a vendor’s computer platform.
Session Snapper and SnapperLoop Tanil Poder’s tool to report session level performance counter and wait information in real time without creating any objects.
oracle-developer.net utilities Collection including modified versions of Tom Kyte’s runstats harness and Jonathan Lewis’ mystats package.
print_table and show_space Tom Kyte’s indispensable functions.
oraperf utilities Kyle Hailey’s collection including an ASH Simulator and DMA Performance Monitor
JLOCI Jonathan Lewis Oracle Computing Index (from Miracle A/S) – SQL statement that is basically CPU bound and gives a good indication on how many LIO a certain CPU can do. Jonathan Lewis also posted a short page about the history of the “JLOCI” (which he didn’t name).
SLB [second page] Kevin Closson’s “Silly Little Benchmark” – for testing the memory subsystem. He specifically put this together as part of a blog series about the Opteron processor.
SQLinForm Java-based online SQL formatter. Very useful when troubleshooting a large, complex SQL statement.
Instant SQL Formatter Online SQL Formatter that doesn’t require java.
SQL and PL/SQL Formatter Online SQL and PL/SQL Formatter from OraFAQ.
CVU (aka CLUVFY) Utility that was developed to assist in the installation and configuration of Oracle Clusterware and RAC. Checks range from initial hardware setup through fully operational cluster and cover all the intermediate stages of installation and configuration of various components.
OS Watcher Utility by Carl Davis from Oracle’s Center of Expertise. It is a collection of UNIX shell scripts intended to collect and archive operating system and network metrics to aid support in diagnosing performance issues. (Metalink note 301137.1)
ProcWatcher Tool to examine and monitor Oracle database and CRS processes at an interval. The tool will collect stack traces of these processes using Oracle tools like oradebug short_stack and OS debuggers like pstack, gdb, dbx, or ladebug. I’m pretty sure that Michael Polaski from Oracle Support put it together.(Metalink note 459694.1)
RDA A set of command line diagnostic scripts, executed by an engine written in Perl. Gathers detailed information about an Oracle environment; useful to aid in problem diagnosis and for seeing the overall system configuration. This also provides pre-install checks and replaces InstallPrep.sh and HCVE. (Metalink note 314422.1)
RACDDT Data collection tool designed and configured specifically for gathering diagnostic data related to RAC. (Metalink note 301138.1)
RACDIAG User friendly guide to troubleshoot RAC hung sessions or slow performance scenerios. The script includes information to gather a variety of important debug information to determine the cause of a RAC hang. (Metalink note 135714.1)
LTOM (Lite Onboard Monitor) Java program designed as a real-time diagnostic platform for deployment to a customer site. Provides real-time automatic problem detection and data collection. (Metalink note 352363.1)
Oracle Default Password Scanner SQL script that queries your Oracle database for accounts that are unlocked (open) and have default passwords. (Metalink note 361482.1) Pete Finnigan also has an excellent password scanner posted on his site.
Metalink crsstat Script Short shell script that gives the crs_stat output in tabular format without shortening the resource names. (Metalink note 259301.1)

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