Happiness Hints

These are a collection of things that I personally think every production RDS PostgreSQL environment should have. This is generally stuff that my peers and I wouldn’t even discuss or debate; we just assume that it’s always a good idea.

  • Multi-AZ

  • Backups

    • 35 days retention (RDS max allowed)

    • Regular restore testing

  • Regular logical exports

  • Huge Pages

  • Force Autovacuum Logging (RDS Setting)

    • Logging Level = INFO

    • Minimum duration = 10 seconds

  • PostgreSQL quarterly updates

    • Scheduled stable “minor” releases for security and critical bug fixes are similar to Oracle PSU/SPUs

    • Upgrade extensions

  • Connection Pooling

    • Either centralized or decentralized

    • Recycle server connections (e.g. server_lifetime)

  • Performance Insights

    • Keep the history

  • Enhanced Monitoring

    • 10 second or lower granularity (1 second granularity is great)

  • Preload pg_stat_statements

  • Limit on temp usage by default (esp. Aurora)

    • Log temp usage when close to the limit

  • Alarms

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