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Centralized TAF Configuration in 10g, Part 2

For the past month I’ve been intending to put together a post about DBMS_SERVICES and TAF – so I guess it’s about time to do it. I introduced the topic back in February in my discussion of 10g enhancements to client-side TAF configuration. As I pointed out then, there are two ways to configure TAF … Continue reading

NOT NULL Plus TAF Causing ORA-08176

Just stumbled onto an interesting situation with TAF. Turns out that you can get an ORA-08176 error (consistent read failure; rollback data not available) from a SELECT statement that fails over with Transparent Application Failover in a RAC configuration. And I seem to have found a situation where adding a NOT NULL constraint to a … Continue reading

DBCA Slow? Check Host Equivalence.

Heh – just ran into an all-too-familiar “duuh” situation. I was launching DBCA to update a few settings on some services in a test database and it was taking …f…o…r…e…v…e…r… to run. It must have spent a minute on this partially updated screen. Now I haven’t launched DBCA in a week or so on this … Continue reading

Tuning SQL Statement Execution in 10g, Part 2

Tuesday I wrote about a client in Houston and removing the RULE hint from queries as part of their 10g migration. This led into a discussion about the four ways to control SQL statement execution: rewriting the SQL, hints, stored outlines and SQL profiles. I then discussed the first two methods – rewriting SQL and … Continue reading

RAC File Permissions Quick Reference

I was just thinking today about how useful it might be to have a quick reference to permissions on Oracle RAC databases. Can’t tell you how many time I’ve asked “what should the permissions be for this”… so I’m just going to use this post for all the files I can think of and their … Continue reading

Single Oracle Password File on Raw with RAC

Had an interesting question come up yesterday. Was on the phone with a colleague who’s configuring TSM backups on a 3-node cluster that he’s just setup for a client in Miami. He wanted to parallelize the backup job across the cluster and was configuring the channels in RMAN. They were not using the sys account … Continue reading

Tuning SQL Statement Execution in 10g, Part 1

Last week I was in Houston teaching a class on 10g New Features and Performance Tuning for a group of developers at a fairly large organization downtown. I try to make my classes as interactive as possible and we had a number of interesting discussions about topics such as appropriate uses for bitmap join indexes, … Continue reading

Six Steps to Effective RAD

I’m sure that this topic will be irrelevant to most people. Usually, when your organization needs you to develop a new application they say to take as long as you want. Rarely do we actually have timelines or due dates. But I guess there might be one or two people out there who need to … Continue reading

Consistent Reads and Multiversioning

Came up with this demo for a class last week and I think that it’s useful. The demo illustrates one of the most important foundational concepts in an Oracle database: how Oracle provides isolation and consistency. For my favorite technical illustration of undo and redo check out slide #22 of the Redo Internals presentation on … Continue reading

Life Requires a Sense of Humor

Aris, my roommate, just now left for work. He’s working a full day even though it’s a Saturday. He just reminded me that this is another reason he’s not paid enough… Here’s a snippet of the conversation we had right before he walked out the door: Jeremy: Why are you renaming your windows domain? That’s … Continue reading


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