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Migrating to RAC/ASM with RConfig

That 11i/RAC/ASM project turned out to be fairly interesting for quite a few reasons – another reason was that it gave me an opportunity to become quite a bit more familiar with RConfig. RConfig an Oracle provided java-based utility to fully automate the process of converting a database from single-instance to RAC. It will also … Continue reading

E-Business Suite Applications 11i on RAC/ASM

I recently mentioned working with a client to convert their E-Business Suite environment to RAC and ASM. I enjoyed this project; there are a few good high-level guides to the process but there are still a lot of small hiccups and configuration decisions where I could put my RAC experience to work. The main guide … Continue reading

Automating Those Pesky Linux Prerequisites

Was just perusing Sergio Leunissen’s blog this morning and a couple of his recent posts caught my attention: First off, as someone who frequently installs Oracle on Linux, his post last month about the recently released RPM oracle-validated was great – can’t believe I’d missed that. Basically it’s an RPM that makes sure you have … Continue reading

Listener Subscription To ONS For Cluster Events

Just three quick updates… First of all, yesterday we re-ran rconfig a few times and confirmed – for sure – that the PRKP-1001 and CRS-0215 errors tuesday were from the listener/ONS problem. Secondly, just an observation – I noticed yesterday that somehow a few of the listeners are still registering with ONS even with the … Continue reading

Crazy Networking Problem on Linux

And the saga continues… Tuesday I mentioned a PRKP-1001 from rconfig – however I think that the root cause might have been something quite different from my original suspicion. Yesterday we discovered a rather major issue on the server… when trying to configure EM dbcontrol I started receiving errors indicating that the ports weren’t free. … Continue reading

PRKP-1001 Converting To RAC+ASM With Rconfig

This week I’m working with a client to help them get an Oracle Applications environment up and running on RAC. We started with metalink note 362135.1 as a general guide for the process. Although I am much more familiar with RMAN this note recommended using rconfig to convert the database to RAC+ASM. (rconfig is the … Continue reading


How ironic that just this afternoon I read James Morle’s recent whitepaper about Connection Management in an Oracle RAC Configuration. One of the first things that James unearthed during his testing was a bug in how Oracle’s assistants configured RAC networking settings – specifically in how they don’t correctly set the LOCAL_LISTENER parameter. Of course … Continue reading


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