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Who’s Accessing That File?

From the occasionally-useful-scripts library… It’s like fuser but shows name of the process (args[0]). Needs lsof installed. I’ve used it on Linux and Solaris. nap01:~$ cat jduser #!/bin/sh [ -n “$1” ] && [ -d “$1” ] || { echo “Usage: $0 [dir]”; exit; } AWK=awk; [ “`uname`” = “SunOS” ] && AWK=nawk; lsof +d … Continue reading

The Clusterware C API

Well I’ve been incognito for the past two weeks or so because I’ve been finishing up a pretty detailed paper about Oracle Services. Finally finished up the first draft yesterday… it’s 16 pages in the IEEE Computer Society article LaTeX class – which doesn’t leave much whitespace! It’s a pretty comprehensive review of pretty much … Continue reading


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