MOTS Day 1

Just about to start the second day of the Michigan OakTable Symposium. Right now there are two guys standing about 20 feet away from me who are having an animated conversation about how internal bind variable behavior and cardinality feedback changed between different versions of Oracle.  That sums up the symposium so far.  Some sessions have been a bit more introductory, some philosophical and some very deeply technical.  But every presenter has been great – making statements they can backup, unafraid of live demonstrations with their laptops.

Christian Antognini - Transaction Internals

A few highlights of my day yesterday: Chen Shapira’s presentation on NoSQL, Alex Gorbachev’s presentation about not guessing and Jeremiah Wilton’s presentation on cloud computing.  I didn’t know much about NoSQL, so this was a great overview of what all the buzz is about and some especially helpful comparisons and contrasts with relational database systems.  Alex’s session was a bit more philosophical, but very enjoyable and motivating.  (Like the slide with the “memorizing vs understanding curve”…)  And Jeremiah’s session was the perfect discussion of Amazon’s cloud services from someone who knows them very well.  Again, a strong database spin… discussing features that are most relevant to people like me who work heavily with Oracle RDBMS.

Tanel Poder - Basics: Starting Point for Performance

Don’t have much time to blog because the second day is about to start!  But I wanted to get something up here this morning while it’s a bit more fresh in my memory.  :)

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