Large ASM Adoptions and Lessons Learned

Seems like December came quickly this year…  and UKOUG is only one week from Monday!

This will be my first year attending UKOUG – and I will be giving a new presentation called “Large Scale ASM Adoptions and Lessons Learned.”  I was personally involved in a very large ASM adoption project and I’m also talking to a few other acquaintances with similar experiences.  I will be summarizing our collective stories and lessons learned in this presentation.  My session will be Monday morning (Nov 29) at 10:25 am – please stop by!

However there’s another way you are invited to participate in my UKOUG session.  Do you know anybody who has been involved in an ASM adoption?  Have you been involved in one?  I have created a web survey with the questions that I’m asking my acquaintances about their experiences with ASM.

You can find the survey here:  http://www.ardentperf.com/asm-survey

If you can find 20 or 30 minutes then please share your own experiences and feedback!  I would like to gather as many stories as possible and summarize them all in a single presentation.

Do me a favor and help spread the word to anyone who’s been involved in an ASM adoption!   (Especially at large companies!)

Also, try to send me your feedback by next Tuesday so that I can include it when I finalize my slides on Wednesday.  And – of course – I will send you a link to the slides after UKOUG.  Thanks!

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