RAC Attack in OTN Lounge at OOW11

Want to get your hands on a key technology in both the Exadata Database Machine and the newly announced Oracle Database Appliance?

If you’ll be at OpenWorld – in just 11 days – then the IOUG RAC SIG is putting together a special event for you!  (You might have already heard about this on Twitter or from Justin at the OTN Blog.)

Every day from 9am to 1pm, find our table in the OTN Lounge (on Howard Street) and we’ll help you get an 11gR2 RAC cluster database running inside virtual machines on your own windows-based laptop. You can experiment boldly – if you make a mistake then you won’t have to start over; we can easily “reset” your virtual machines to any point.

The basic idea is to facilitate some community-driven direct mentoring.  We’ll have experienced RAC DBAs on hand to answer any questions you come up with.  We’ve run limited-seat classes (always full) at several past Collaborate conventions including this year in Orlando; but we’re changing the format at OpenWorld so that more people can participate.

It’s not required, but to have the best experience we recommend bringing a USB-powered external hard drive with 100G of free space – you can buy one online for about $40.   Detailed hardware requirements are in the online lab handbook.  But come visit our table and say hello regardless – besides, who knows what other interesting stuff we might be hacking on…  :)

Hope to see you there!



If know a DBA who already has experience with RAC, then they can help us meet and mentor newer DBAs.  The last 5 volunteer slots are still open.  (Each volunteer can sign up for 2 max.)  Pass along the word.  Anyone can sign up for a volunteer slot by directly editing the wiki page at http://racattack.org/e and emailing me.

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