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OSP: Overview

This is the second of twelve articles in a series called Operationally Scalable Practices.  You can read the introduction in the first article. In short, this series offers helpful suggestions for younger organizations and newer DBAs to best position them for very large-scale growth. Before getting into specifics, we will lay out a general overview … Continue reading

Operationally Scalable Practices

I really enjoy being a technical guy. So far in my career I’ve made development choices favoring a technical path over other options. It’s been a great ride – I’ve worked in small teams and large teams; consulting roles and in-house roles; architecture/engineering roles and operations roles; big databases and little databases; environments with a … Continue reading

Voting Disk Lies (CRS-4000)

Add this to the category of annoyingly unhelpful error messages. I’m working on a mostly-automated process to create a new cluster by cloning another existing cluster. After running OUI (Oracle Universal Installer – called by config.sh to just run config assistants) there is a single ASM diskgroup which contains both the OCR and Voting Disk; … Continue reading


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