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OSP: Overview

This is the second of twelve articles in a series called Operationally Scalable Practices. ¬†You can read the introduction in the first article. In short, this series offers helpful suggestions for younger organizations and newer DBAs to best position them for very large-scale growth. Before getting into specifics, we will lay out a general overview … Continue reading

Operationally Scalable Practices

I really enjoy being a technical guy. So far in my career I’ve made development choices favoring a technical path over other options. It’s been a great ride – I’ve worked in small teams and large teams; consulting roles and in-house roles; architecture/engineering roles and operations roles; big databases and little databases; environments with a … Continue reading

Voting Disk Lies (CRS-4000)

Add this to the category of annoyingly unhelpful error messages. I’m working on a mostly-automated process to create a new cluster by cloning another existing cluster. After running OUI (Oracle Universal Installer – called by config.sh to just run config assistants) there is a single ASM diskgroup which contains both the OCR and Voting Disk; … Continue reading