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Seattle PostgreSQL Meetup This Thursday: New Location

I’m looking forward to the Seattle PostgreSQL User Group meetup this Thursday (June 20, 2019) at 5:30pm! We’re going to get an early sneak peek at what’s coming later this year in PostgreSQL’s next major release. The current velocity of development in this open source community is staggering and this is an exciting and valuable opportunity to keep up with where PostgreSQL is going next.

One thing that’s a bit unusual about this meetup is the new location and late timing of the announcement. I think it’s worth a quick blog post to mention the location: for some people this new location might be a little more accessible than the normal spot (over at the Fred Hutch).

The meetup this week will be closer to downtown at 2201 6th Avenue (the building says “Blanchard Plaza” above the entrance): right next to the Spheres, easily accessible from public transportation and free parking across the street.

If you live or work in Seattle and you’re interested in databases but you don’t normally attend the Seattle PostgreSQL User Group, it’s worth checking if this location might be more convenient and make the visit worthwhile.

Bring any database question you have – there are people here who know PostgreSQL well enough to answer anything you can throw at them! Also, as always, some pizza and drinks will be provided. Hope to see you there!

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