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Making Simple Performance Charts

Before I dive into this blog post, quick heads up for anyone attending UKOUG: on Tuesday only, I’ll be hanging out with some very smart people from the IOUG RAC Special Interest Group in the “gallery” above the exhibition hall. We’re ready to help anyone run a RAC cluster in a virtual environment on their … Continue reading

Performance Tuning for Oracle Developers

One of my recent customers was a company with a somewhat large warehouse (around 60TB) on Oracle 10gR2.  The system was using RAC, though it was a fairly simple setup: two nodes, very large AIX LPARs, workload manually partitioned between them and somewhat evenly balanced.  The most important demand of their business is a large … Continue reading

Developer Access To 10046 Trace Files

Lets suppose you are a DBA at a large company. You have some great developers, and they’re learning all about how to turn on full logging of their code through the 10046 database trace. They just learned how to use this data in summary form to find out – at a very detailed level – … Continue reading

RAC Attack – Oracle Cluster Database at Home

First of all, the RAC Attack deep dive at Collaborate went great – thanks to everyone who participated! The room was full (20 participants) and I got evaluations from about half of them. Here’s a summary of the eval results: 100% class met expectations, would recommend to others 66% easy to follow, could use skills … Continue reading

Mysterious Oracle Net Errors

Yesterday, I had a fight to the death with a nasty Oracle Net problem. The battle consumed a little more of the day than I intended… but it was worthwhile for the sweet taste of victory. Everything started with this short, innocent-seeming instant message: there is something wrong with a 10g server config. connecting to … Continue reading

RAC Investigation on Low-Memory Linux

Back in the Oracle 9i days, I was one of those people who got on eBay to buy firewire PCI cards and disks that could do non-exclusive login.  Remember that?  The first time a little test cluster could be cheap enough for the home enthusiast?  I still have the parts in my closet. Of course, … Continue reading

DBCA Missing – Oracle 11.2 ASM/Grid

Oracle provides three ways to manage ASM: (1) through SQL, (2) through the web-based database console or grid control, and (3) through the server-based java GUI tool DBCA.  These are your choices for adding storage, replacing a disk, growing a volume, etc. But if you’re an experienced DBA who recently started playing with 11gR2 ASM, … Continue reading

Michigan OakTable – Illinois Visitors?

Quite a few people have already plugged this event (Charles Hooper, Jonathan Lewis, Tanel Poder, Doug Burns, Christian Antognini, Randolf Geist, etc) – but I want to chime in anyway.  It’s so closeby and the price goes up in two days! The Thursday and Friday before OpenWorld (September 16-17), some kind folks in Michigan are … Continue reading

ASM Mirroring – No Hot Spare Disk

Some time ago, we installed Oracle on a Sun box with 48 local 1TB disks (spread across six controllers). I explained to the storage and system teams that we would use ASM as the volume manager – and as such, it would take care of mirroring. One storage admin asked me which disk was the … Continue reading

Five Reasons to do RAC Attack at Collaborate

Last week Dan broke the news that we’re bringing RAC Attack back to Collaborate! We’ve run this workshop several times now: it’s gotten better every time and we’ve always received overwhelmingly positive feedback. This is going to be a great workshop in Orlando that you don’t want to miss! A Short History We first ran … Continue reading


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