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Case Study: Statspack/AWR Latch Waits (Part 2)

What a day! Yesterday I spent about seven hours downtown taking two exams: the RAC beta exam in the morning and the Oracle on Linux beta exam in the afternoon. The Linux exam was pretty easy for me but the RAC one had a lot of questions that made me think… and there wasn’t much … Continue reading

Case Study: Statspack/AWR Latch Waits (Part 1)

I thought it might be interesting to write about a situation I ran into last week and a bit of the methodology I used to tackle it. The whole thing started as a health check for a PeopleSoft database. To give a little background, the whole environment lives on a 32-processor IBM p690 partitioned into … Continue reading

Monitoring Oracle on SMP with Hyper-Threading

So I’ve really been digging Kevin Closson’s blog lately. Back at the beginning of this month he had another post that caught my attention about running Oracle on Opteron in which he made the point that these boxes should always be run in NUMA mode (not SUMA). This grabbed my eye because I’ve been delving … Continue reading

Monitoring Oracle on NFS

Wow – the last three weeks have been crazy! During the last week of May I was wrapping up the services paper and a few submissions for the UKOUG. And for the first two weeks of June I’ve been working on some performance problems for one of our clients in the Phoenix area. Nice weather … Continue reading


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