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OpenWorld Haiku

I arrived home in Chicago around 1am Saturday morning on a slightly delayed flight direct from San Francisco. What a week – I’m only now getting back into my normal routine! It’s nothing spectacular, but I wrote this short Haiku (poem) on Sunday… OpenWorld: crush, splat… Brain worked overtime last week! Still catching up sleep. … Continue reading

MOTS Day 2

I’m now in San Francisco, getting started with OpenWorld.  But before I start blogging OpenWorld, I guess I should post a few highlights of the second day of MOTS (last Friday), since I wrote a bit about the first day. First of all, the whole event was really incredible.  Carol Dacko did an amazing job … Continue reading

MOTS Day 1

Just about to start the second day of the Michigan OakTable Symposium. Right now there are two guys standing about 20 feet away from me who are having an animated conversation about how internal bind variable behavior and cardinality feedback changed between different versions of Oracle.  That sums up the symposium so far.  Some sessions … Continue reading

Mysterious Oracle Net Errors

Yesterday, I had a fight to the death with a nasty Oracle Net problem. The battle consumed a little more of the day than I intended… but it was worthwhile for the sweet taste of victory. Everything started with this short, innocent-seeming instant message: there is something wrong with a 10g server config. connecting to … Continue reading

RAC Investigation on Low-Memory Linux

Back in the Oracle 9i days, I was one of those people who got on eBay to buy firewire PCI cards and disks that could do non-exclusive login.  Remember that?  The first time a little test cluster could be cheap enough for the home enthusiast?  I still have the parts in my closet. Of course, … Continue reading


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