Replicating Tanel’s Script Library

Tanel does offer a zip file with all of his scripts. The zip seems up-to-date now; I started doing this alternative technique awhile ago when the zip file didn’t seem to get updated as quickly as the raw scripts directory.

  mkdir tpt
  cd tpt

wget -r -nH --cut-dirs=2 --no-parent --reject="index.html*" http://blog.tanelpoder.com/files/scripts/

  cd ..

[svn/git] add tpt
[svn/git] commit tpt -m "added Tanel Poder's script library to our script repository"

Please remember that as Tanel says on his own website, “always proofread the scripts and test their effect out in a test environment before running in production.”

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One thought on “Replicating Tanel’s Script Library

  1. Nice :) I will put my scripts to github some day … This year I hope


    Posted by Tanel Poder | November 27, 2013, 5:57 am


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