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Listener Error from addNode.sh with Second Network

Recently I ran into an problem with RAC. I observed this on a system patched to PSU6 and it looks like a bug to me. But the interesting part isn’t the problem – it’s an impressive and creative workaround that my colleague found over the weekend. I should add that this teammate doesn’t have … Continue reading

OSP: Overview

This is the second of twelve articles in a series called Operationally Scalable Practices.  You can read the introduction in the first article. In short, this series offers helpful suggestions for younger organizations and newer DBAs to best position them for very large-scale growth. Before getting into specifics, we will lay out a general overview … Continue reading

Operationally Scalable Practices

I really enjoy being a technical guy. So far in my career I’ve made development choices favoring a technical path over other options. It’s been a great ride – I’ve worked in small teams and large teams; consulting roles and in-house roles; architecture/engineering roles and operations roles; big databases and little databases; environments with a … Continue reading

Voting Disk Lies (CRS-4000)

Add this to the category of annoyingly unhelpful error messages. I’m working on a mostly-automated process to create a new cluster by cloning another existing cluster. After running OUI (Oracle Universal Installer – called by config.sh to just run config assistants) there is a single ASM diskgroup which contains both the OCR and Voting Disk; … Continue reading

Resource Manager Limits (ORA-29376)

So this is what happens when you hit that publish button too quickly – thanks Sayed for the feedback! A few corrections follow. :) Just a brief post to mention a limit I’ve recently bumped up against. I couldn’t find any mention of this limit in the oracle docs or even on oracle’s support knowledge … Continue reading

IOUG Collaborate 2013 Wrap-Up

By now the Denver Convention Center is probably cleaned up from IOUG Collaborate. The signs directing thousands of attendees to top-notch technical presentations have been removed, the twenty rental laptops which composed the classroom for Pythian’s RAC Attack class have been returned and the vendor exhibition floor has been completely cleared out. Flight delays notwithstanding … Continue reading

How To Troubleshoot OEM 12c Cloud Control Auto-Discovery

I was recently involved with an upgrade project to go from to on an Exadata V2. We hit some snags during the upgrade specifically related to OEM 12c Cloud Control. We performed an out-of-place upgrade and OEM had some difficulty in dealing with this. 12c Cloud Control is supposed to run a … Continue reading

Set Up Exadata for Cloud Control

I recently helped setup an Exadata X2-8 Database Machine with the latest version of OEM Cloud Countrol ( A few documents do exist for this process – the most useful of which are the Exadata Discovery Cookbook and the Setup Automation Kit. However I found a few inconsistencies and problems; I think the existing documents … Continue reading

Adaptive Log File Sync: Oracle, Please Don’t Do That Again

The Summary Underscore parameter _use_adaptive_log_file_sync Default value changed in from FALSE to TRUE Dynamic parameter Enables a new method of communication for LGWR to notify foreground processes of commit Old method used semaphores, LGWR had to explicitly “post” every waiting process New method has the FG processes sleep and “poll” to see if commit … Continue reading

Lessons from Africa, Part 2

Last week was busy… making travel arrangements for this week’s trip to New York (technically Jersey) and some light analysis of AWR reports from exadata RAT runs and some heavy troubleshooting of a Solaris x86 RAC cluster with random node reboots. (I think I finally traced the node reboots to a kernel CPU/scheduling problem). I … Continue reading


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