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Who’s Accessing That File?

From the occasionally-useful-scripts library… It’s like fuser but shows name of the process (args[0]). Needs lsof installed. I’ve used it on Linux and Solaris. nap01:~$ cat jduser #!/bin/sh [ -n “$1” ] && [ -d “$1” ] || { echo “Usage: $0 [dir]”; exit; } AWK=awk; [ “`uname`” = “SunOS” ] && AWK=nawk; lsof +d … Continue reading

The Clusterware C API

Well I’ve been incognito for the past two weeks or so because I’ve been finishing up a pretty detailed paper about Oracle Services. Finally finished up the first draft yesterday… it’s 16 pages in the IEEE Computer Society article LaTeX class – which doesn’t leave much whitespace! It’s a pretty comprehensive review of pretty much … Continue reading

Automating Those Pesky Linux Prerequisites

Was just perusing Sergio Leunissen’s blog this morning and a couple of his recent posts caught my attention: First off, as someone who frequently installs Oracle on Linux, his post last month about the recently released RPM oracle-validated was great – can’t believe I’d missed that. Basically it’s an RPM that makes sure you have … Continue reading

Crazy Networking Problem on Linux

And the saga continues… Tuesday I mentioned a PRKP-1001 from rconfig – however I think that the root cause might have been something quite different from my original suspicion. Yesterday we discovered a rather major issue on the server… when trying to configure EM dbcontrol I started receiving errors indicating that the ports weren’t free. … Continue reading

RAC File Permissions Quick Reference

I was just thinking today about how useful it might be to have a quick reference to permissions on Oracle RAC databases. Can’t tell you how many time I’ve asked “what should the permissions be for this”… so I’m just going to use this post for all the files I can think of and their … Continue reading

udev for Security Conscious RAC Sysadmins

I’ve recently installed Oracle RAC on both RedHat 4 and Suse Enterprise 9. The most recent installation reminded me of an issue which has come up more than once: persistance of raw device permissions. If you remember installing Oracle on SLES8, RHEL2 and RHEL3, then you remember that you would just chmod the /dev files … Continue reading


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